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The Twisted Mind of the White Liberal Woman by Way of the World

Published on 07 Apr 2021 / In Interesting

⁣The Twisted Mind of the White Liberal Woman
WotW reports on a fascinating documentary and ponders what it tells us about the mind of the white liberal woman.

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SelousScout 25 days ago

What I find strange , is how she wants to save the Masai but she is destroying them by mongrel breeding .
These women are mind fucked

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Revolution88 2 months ago

A leftist white bitch with daddy issues

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Spectralwulf 4 months ago

That's one dedicated mudshark there. Her husband must have a lot of authority in the village, otherwise the men whose wives she's subverting with feminism would likely want to burn her as a witch. I don't blame her for half-way rejecting modern society, but running off with primitives to live in a dung hut is too far and possibly mental illness. The Amish live in the finest, wood-crafted homes, speak German and certainly would have been a better choice for a German woman leaving modernity, but this dumb, anti-white, leftist cunt has been brainwashed to hate everything white and Christian and thus chose nasty, third-world living. She will find living there won't be so quaint once she gets older, her husband dies or the country becomes unstable like African countries often do. She could easily die a horrific death at the hands of those "wonderful people" but puts it out of her mind and continues to live in la la land. What an overly-emotional basket case.

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WhiteMiasma 5 months ago

So she goes to nigland and subverts the women?

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ShortieLeeroy 6 months ago

Getting the Masai women to speak out about things they don´t like.Yeah,like she´s gonna change their culture.

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