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The UN: BEGS for More Money; Completely TRASHES White Countries.

Published on 03 Apr 2022 / In Cultural Marxism / Kalergi

*This is more for the "Cultural Marxism" category*
⁣The UN is at it, again. BEGGING for MORE money, while at the same time; Completely TRASHING used-to-be White countries.

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BasedAndAwake 8 months ago

what do brown-nosing marxist shabos goy faggots know about finances really?

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Dani M
Dani M 8 months ago

This was hard to watch - the hits just keep coming & show zero sign of letting up. Things feel surreal even though I'm not in denial. They want us White folk gone but still have more to use up out of us...a few more drops.
Well, we Whites are just about out of patience and tolerance for this blatant, racist, genocidal insanity & if they are going to keep pulling the lion's tail, they will live to regret it.

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