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The United States of Weimar

Published on 09 Jul 2021 / In Uncategorized

Kind of a normie video but it was a good watch.

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Peck Erwood
Peck Erwood 2 months ago

really went off track towards the end there

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Salty556 3 months ago

Two books worth mentioning by author David Horowitz
1. A destructive generation
2. Radical son
The latter tells the personal life story of Horowitz and his family that set foot on the shores of America in the 1920's. Fleeing the pogroms Horowitz's father had no later than his father's second foot touched American soil plotted with revolutionaries the destruction of American culture and values. He also details his financing and machinations with revolutionary groups like the black panthers and the weather underground.
David Horowitz is a piece of shit but his books are a worthy read.

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NewWorldEbola 3 months ago (edited)

the "conservative values" of America died with WW1.

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