I am once more Gravely Disappointed, If you feel the need to promote FE "Theory" just know your lifespan here on this website is very short indeed. Please find your way over to the judaic websites for White Nigger Promotionals.

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The Unspoken Truth about Who Was Behind JFK Assassination

Published on 30 Dec 2022 / In News & Politics

Israel Mossad Assassinated JFK

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WhiteDossier 5 months ago

JFK was following a liberal agenda well acceptable to the Jews. To say the Jews would prefer LBJ or Nixon is silly. The Jews might be behind mass immigration and a number of other questionable things, but they did not kill JFK. We cannot hope to convince the moderates to our side, if we continue to blame the Jews even for our sports team losing, and resorting to the silly.

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Arier53 5 months ago

Say it loud, say it clear, the Jews are behind it. But I wonder why so many Americans can ignore the truth. Perhaps they are tilt, of hosting the devil, but do not know, how to get rid of it.

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