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The Vaccine Package Insert

Melissa Lev
Published on 15 May 2021 / In Phamajewdicals Vaccines
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HereAmI 4 months ago

My information sheet wasn't blank.
At the top it said in large gothic lettering "Certificate of Death"
and further down, "I ......( fill in name ) hereby certify and attest that I took the ( vaccine name ) and died a horrible and lingering death after..... " ( fill in number of days. )
At the bottom, there was a dotted line for your signature, and four witnesses were then appended beneath this line, which seem to be
1. Anthony Fauci
2. William Gates
3. Deborah Birx
4. Tedros Adhanam.
It was further stated that as this certificate would be machine - read, then the signature should be written in your own blood.

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bannedforhatespeech 5 months ago

why wouldn't you trust something that can be dangerous to your health, while the makers of said product can never be sued, arrested, or have any repercussions whatsoever? especially after the numerous examples of people with horrible rashes or seizures after getting it. I mean how can we say no to something Donald Trump approves of?
P.S. in case it's not obvious, the comment above is sarcasm. the vaccine really is dangerous, don't take it.

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_VAX_ROBOTS 5 months ago

Blank check to poison your ass for life .

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mics972 5 months ago

It should say, Thank you Donald Trump for giving us this killer vaccine, the vaccine makers should give credit where credit is due! Also; Thanks to Bill Gates too! Such praise should be given. If what I see coming, actually happens, it may be best to get the Hell out of America have you seen this plan B Cyber Polygon and I expect by October the culling to begin again...

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