the vacuum of space

Published on 04 Jan 2023 / In Moon Landings

nasa fanboy questions #5 the vacuum of space
bc mirror - s⁣pacebusters⁣

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jbl .
jbl . 3 months ago

jews float the related lies and watch ignorant fools debate and attack each other over which lies are "truth." Every big subject has had this done to it. In regard to space, there is NO "vacuum." Between us and the Moon, and between us and Jupiter, etc., there are still molecules of elements floating there, and asteroids of many sizes, most very small. The use of the term "vacuum" is the lie that spawns debate and argument. Gravity, or whatever we want to call the attractive force, makes the floating molecules of elements much denser near large bodies. Also, electricity plays a role. Yes, electricity in space. That's what makes comets, which are dry rocks, light up. Meanwhile, I certainly am against the jewlie of "flat Earth." A little true analytical thought blows it away. One example: If the Earth were flat, when the Sun is up, it would be up for everybody at the same time. We KNOW it is not. I have shared KNOWledge. Accept it or not. I don't "debate" about the jews' lies.

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WhiteWinger 3 months ago

I guess by the same logic the oxygen saturation is the same at 15 or 30 or 100kft. Doesn't matter if the earth is flat or round or if you call the force gravity or bouyancy or nonbinary, heavy shit falls down. If there's no force in air, what the hell is a tornado or hurricane? By similar logic, once all the air is mixed up it should slow down and stop from friction. I guess the air ducts in the firmament that aren't high enough to provide O2 to the mountains keep it moving. Do jews make this shit up to troll?

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TinyCow 3 months ago

lmao @ the thumbnail alone. people dont seem to realize what equilibrium actually means. pressure differentials are what allow propulsion but what disallow the notion of space and space travel as its claimed presently

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livingman 3 months ago

nasa in hebrew means to deceive

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