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The very people forcing the KILL-SHOT on YOU are exempt (Audio Only) YT HAVE BLOCKED DOWNLOAD (copywrite grounds)

Published on 14 Sep 2021 / In Uncategorized

If this doesn't wake the cretins up, nothing will.

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HereAmI 1 month ago

No person has authority to mandate anything for another person.
Common Law places us all equal before God; so anything we do can only be in response to advice, not to "mandate."
However, commercial law allows us to tell other people that they "must" do something; but equally, it allows them to refuse to do that thing, and no reason need be given.
The reason why you are allowed to say that somebody "must" do something is because Black's Law Dictionary defines the word "must" as "MAY".
Coercion is expressly forbidden even in commercial law; if coercion is applied, then it invalidates any contract you are coerced into agreeing to.

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DeathToJWO 1 month ago

Traitor has no authority to mandate shit outside the military.

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DDoubleDD 1 month ago

The same cunts that got away with forcing Oniggercare onto the public are behind this sham.

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