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The Way Jews Will Change Humans

Published on 20 Aug 2022 / In Jewish Genocides

Jews Are Evil They Tell The Truth In Movies

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CroatianFascist 3 months ago

"To aid our survival."My question is what kind of survival?We are not in any danger to consider our bodys to achive critical modification to survival,clearly somebody is lying.Many ask why peace times are so beneficial to the human body,well the answer is simple,we are not in any danger meaning our physical and mental attributes gain in power without any aid,thats why we are the tallest,smartest,strongest race on earth.

Want larger pupils?Live in a cave without sunlight.
Wannabe taller?Live sideways on earth.

The most disturbing part of the video is a mans head on a females body and a females head on a mans body,seems like the jew really liker their deity so much that hes gonna make her become reality.Not to mention the mixed message of constant change constant revolution like some marxist bullshit being promoted its fucking disgusting.

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BasedAndAwake 3 months ago

because they want the world to be a chessboard they can see and predict. Like poisoning the earth leaving only one little clean city which is the only place to live and is controlled.

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questeritorte 3 months ago

What's wrong with extinction? You're only going to be around for so long, jew boy. Deal with it.

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