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There's nothing completely Satanic about covid at all. You silly conspiracy theorists.

Published on 28 Sep 2021 / In Satanism / Occult

Covid 19 = 91 Divoc = evil spirits = murder and deception = ⁣

All I can say about this video is, Be very very very glad you did not get the vipers bite.

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NewWorldCircus 16 days ago

Did the Holy Spirit lead you to this revelation???

This is brilliant.

Thank you for your presentation.

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The_Immovable_Stone 12 days ago

I didn't put it together, I got this from bitch-ute. Here's the original:
Yeah, this one freaked out a few people I shared it with.

But, regardless of where he is getting his info the Holy Spirit is moving for sure.
Check out this incredible playlist on screwtube. Incredibly simplified Word of YHWH, revealed to us by the Holy Spirit:
Prophecy and the Beast:


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ARYAN VIKING 26 days ago

Instead of calling the most evil people in the world "JEW" we could call them "COVID". Take them to Mecca and place them inside the black stone and we have a DIVOC BOX. Then fire all the nukes into the box and kill all evil spirits together. No Jews on earth mean freedom and happiness for eternity. There they all smoke Kool cigarettes and use Dial soap because spelled backwards they say "Look" we got "Laid".

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The_Immovable_Stone 25 days ago

Lol, your a little late though. They already wear one on their heads. That's why the wickedness flows so effortless from their mouths.

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