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(((They))) Are Deleting and Manipulating The Internet

Published on 24 Aug 2022 / In Censorship


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Trivium_Supremacy 23 days ago

You can literally type in the exact title and channel name of some based videos 100% correctly and it still won't come up. And the respective channel doesn't come up when you search channels either. You literally have to manually type the channel name in the URL bar, then scroll down to the video you're looking for. and EVEN THEN, several channels I looked at basically deleted most of their videos. They were uploaded but invisible and there was no way to access them. I shit you not...

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happyapple4 1 month ago

You do good forensic work. Red and blue-divide and conquer just like google's agenda.

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DTGKSonofGod 1 month ago

There is an old saying :{ adage }: that is as old as time !

""The fake ass jews have absolute control and ownership of all Information""

They own all of the :

news networks -
movie industry -
television -

internet and every mainstream website e.g,... jewtube - facebook - twitter - bitchute - instagram -

cable networks -
internet service providers -
magazines -

newspapers -
education -
universities -
textbooks -
publishing houses -

The list goes into infinity !!

It's called :: ""THE MATRIX""

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