I am Gravely Disappointed in the powers that be in Beijing, Your Country was compromised by a certain Tribe many decades ago and now you are just a Vassal State for that very Tribe, Whether you wish to admit it or not. However, I will not stand for your communist propaganda here at WTV and will Terminate With Extreme Prejudice as soon as I acquire your trolls here promoting communist propaganda...As Per This Evenings Terminations, Danke

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They Are Not Bloodclots - Intra Body Nano Network Administered through the ''Vaccine & Test''

Jos Goossens
Published on 24 Aug 2022 / In Uncategorized

My Bitchute-Channel: ⁣Jos Goossens (⁣⁣

Nano Lipids. Lypids.
NANO Tubes.
Smart Dust.
Black Goo.
Interbody Intra Nano Network administered trough Vaccines with Hydra Vulgaris Creature, Hydro-Gel, Graphene Oxide and whatever else abominations are in those Vials.
Internet of Things.
Internet of Bodies.
Self Assembling Nano Chips after being injected.
The Digital Tattoo or Quantum Dots is the Microneedle Array Patch, and is probably already disguised as and in the vaccine and in the Hollow Fibers of the Nasal PCR Test Swabs.
Digital ID-2020.
Digital Crypto Currency.
The Mark of the Beast 666 from the Bible that was predicted 2000 years ago, making everybody who take it to Satas slaves, whereafter they suffer the plagues and are cast into hell.
So don't take it. Een if you loose everything.
Better to become homeless or die even than to take this.
Trust God and His Son Jesus.
Repent of Sins, Pray to Him, buy and read in the bible (New Testament), and don't believe the fearmongering on the TV-News etc.
Try to stay calm. These things have to happen before Jesus can come back unfortunately.
WATCH THIS FOR COMFORT AND HOPE, and what the last days probably will be like, and what we can do: (This is Sylvie from the newearth channel on youtube).
How Bad is My Batch? Which injection did you Receive?
Downloadable PDF-File: (Not Micro, but Nano!) Chip Awareness: Know what's in the ''Covid-19 Vaccine'' and Test Sticks.
Covid-19 Vaccines and Tests: Mark of the Beast ''Project Rooftop PDF'': Anthony Patch Research.
Analysis of Test Sticks from surface testing in the Slovak Republic - confirmation of genocide Downloadable Research PDF:
US Patent 11,107,588 B2: This looks like an Injectable Social Credit System using Bluetooth and Generating a Personal Anonymous ID-Number that Communicates with other (probably injected) People's Electronic Devices, and the Server! Or just the Smartphone App to Seek so called ''Superspreaders'':
Event 201 PDF (Corona Pandemic Exercise Oktober 2019 - 4 Months before the Psychological Operation ''Broke Out''):
Operation Lockstep PDF: (Future ''Scenario's'', Planned until 2030, from 2010!):
The SPARS Pandemic for 2025-2028 PDF: https://carterheavyindustries.........files.wordpress.
Nanotechnology-based Materials as Emerging Trends for Dental applications PDF:
Read & Download PDF Letter: 'Vaccine is the Mark of the Beast' from AHAYAH-TRUTH.COM: (All Languages / Jos Goossens does not believe in Brown/Black God, Brown/Black Jesus or Only Brown/Black Judaites & Israelites).

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CroatianFascist 1 month ago

After you die from the va(xx)ine you reanimate in due time becoming a machine...How come we didnt see a single body after the va(xx)ed died,it might be a blind guess but,zombie army anybody?

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TruthSeeker16 29 days ago

I hope not.

   1    0
WOTAN99 27 days ago

damn.....time to get a crossbow and some swords+whetstone lol

   1    0
Jos Goossens
Jos Goossens 6 days ago

I think the bodies are taken away by the ambulance etc.
There's footage of them being carried away oin stratchers, some of them.
But you could be right..
Maybe they re-animated during the ride or in the hospital.
Scary thought.

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Jos Goossens
Jos Goossens 6 days ago

@WOTAN99: Yeah.

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jellee 1 month ago

I called this one the day it broke. Had all the fingerprints of a psyop. Didn't take long before I had dug down and found event 201. No shots for me, no testing. I think this is where the elite are attempting to go with this full spectrum dominance but I believe it is a bait and switch move on the part of satan and the real problem comes when this current system crashes and the great awakening moves into position. I think ET (fallen angels) will show up and have a solution for all of those who got the shots and are dying. I think that solution will probably be the mark.

   3    0
Aryan Reich
Aryan Reich 1 month ago

never got tested or vaxxed, unless their spiking my water, I've got no worries.

   6    0
TruthSeeker16 29 days ago

I think they already started doing something to the water.

   3    0
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