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They Explain Part Of How I Became Homeless

Published on 27 May 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Dave01 1 month ago

I've read several of the posts .. many jammin on my family's home state for 3 generations .. Crowdifornia .. a group I soldiered for C.C.I.R. even went to the trouble of erecting large bill boards on Highways to other states here .."Don't allow this to happen to your state" .. most others laughed at U.S. and made fun of U.S. .. now it's occurring in these other states, in varying ways. When it was California back in the 50's and 60's when I grew up .. it was one of the most excellent states in many ways. "some" of U.S. fought very hard to keep it nice. Unfortunately most folks are "Thumbs up horn blowers" .. never actually trying to do anything themselves.

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Montse Hurtado (The Intercessor).
Montse Hurtado (The Intercessor). 2 months ago (edited)

I watched these two ladies on bitchute recently, worth watching indeed. But, don't put your faith in men but in God. Get saved souls, CV-19 is not only the roll out of agenda 21 but also the mark of the beast hijacking people's minds, bodies and souls.

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TIGER 2 months ago

"isn't that astounding!!!??"



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NAS2 2 months ago


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WitChKinG 2 months ago

televised executions. cut off their fucking heads on prime time. i fear this will be the only way.

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