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They know that's why they shot again lol

Southern Rebel
Published on 29 Sep 2022 / In Uncategorized

nigger and his prego sheboon gets the gas lol

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Balls_B_Dragon 2 months ago

Now that’s service
Got exactly what they asked for

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TruthSeeker16 2 months ago

Too bad they don't use real bullets. And not sure if that guy is a nigger but then again he does look mixed. Not sure if his whore is mixed or white though.

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Southern Rebel
Southern Rebel 2 months ago

Either way they are mongrels lol and yes real lead would have definitely been a better choice lol

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DTGKSonofGod 2 months ago

And they let the nigger go ???

Those White pig shit traitors are only interested in shooting and killing their own White Race !!

If any white person did what that nigger did , they would have a thousand rounds of bullet holes in them !!

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JudgementIsComing 2 months ago


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