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Thinking Out Loud - If You Can Hang

Published on 18 Nov 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Check 12 days ago

A psychopath is born not made and that's the crazy part, because who else would produce a sociopath (who is made) through trauma, who in turn can cause immense damage on the ''ground''. Somebody has said that they are needed (psychopaths) in society because they are psychologically superior to cut people up 24/7 like doctors etc.

My question is this.. A psychopaths will to power and control does not know any bounds, there is no pause or stop button in their biology, this explains why there is not any country in the world which would restrict them.

Now imagine a psychopath who was also traumatized who has became part sociopath or a psychopath elite who's kids are traumatized on purpose, they are a little bit more creative with their methods, thus someone like Bill Gates is created etc, much much more dangerous than that fucking psycho gene that did not get weeded out through evolution.

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GoySchmecklestein 12 days ago

It's funny you use the term "hell realm." I recently started referring to it as that a few weeks ago.

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Duck 14 days ago

good work, thanks for sharing

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Illusionist 14 days ago

I relate with the ancestral struggles. Don't know why the children have to suffer for parent's wrong doings. Some believe that you become an extension of them, even as far as them reincarnating into your children's children. This is why I choose not to have children, the urges of the flesh are so powerful and are also soul traps. I'd like the end the cycle of reincarnation.

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Sanguinius 15 days ago

He just wanted to look himself in the eye, and God loves to observe God.

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Sanguinius 15 days ago

If you have a discord or a email I would like to explain christ to you, because I know you would understand it. you are there mr. Bangle tiger. You just dobt want to hear what it means to be Christ. Seriously much respect because I know you're literally there, and or are there.

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@Sanguinius: I have videos on my channel explaining what "Christ" is.
If you haven't see my may want to have a listen to what's said in this playlist.

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