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Third Reich defense from enemy airplanes.

Published on 06 Dec 2022 / In History

Most of this footage is from Europe. The last clip is from North ⁣Africa.

⁣0:00 - B-25 Mitchell bomber FR174 of No. 320 (Netherlands) Squadron RAF with its nose shot off by flak over Cherbourg on October 28th 1943. None of the crew survived (Cap A. J. van Dieren Bijvoet, pilot, C. van der Knaap, navigator, Pierre Fortunus van Woesik, wireless operator and A. G. van Apeldoorn, air gunner)
0:14 B-17 Flying Fortress hit by flak in 1944
0:31 B-17 Flying Fortress shot down over France on September 16th 1943
0:45 B-24 Liberator with its tail shot off by flak, at least two parachutes can be seen towards the end
1:29 B-17 Flying Fortress in flames in December 1944 with at least six of the crew bailing out
2:28 B-17 Flying Fortress of the 351st BG spins out of control after being attacked by a Bf 109
2:45 B-17 Flying Fortress spins out of control missing most of its starboard horizontal stabilizer
3:00 B-17 Flying Fortress crewman bails out as his aircraft goes down over France in 1944
3:29 Bristol Blenheim crewman captured by Italian personnel after bailing out of his stricken bomber just in time in North Africa in late 1941

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