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Third World Countries

Published on 29 Nov 2021 / In Documentaries

I know that any country can be made prosperous were they to create their own money as the currency of their nation, having police forces that serve them and not a Jewish family named Rothschild. This is the reality of life, the fact that we are controlled in dictatorship while they issue their own creation for money in 5 countries, paying it out to murder and imprison others and never having to be held accountable for any crime they commit. Looking at the crimes our police, attorneys, District Attorneys and other authorities commit everyday while the medias lie to us everyday we can easily see they all serve in the employ of this one group of people.

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vict 2 months ago

niggers will always be Niggers

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Arier53 2 months ago

You are right. Nothing more to say. 88

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