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..this chap has done a little research into the Mask's Microplastics

Published on 03 Apr 2021 / In Covid 19 84 / HoloCough

preaching to the converted i know but more info

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Soldier1 8 months ago (edited)

Not only that but I recently read an article about plastics causing men to have smaller sperm counts, and smaller you know what's. Research suggests that sperm counts have dropped by half in the last 50 years or so and that a higher percentage are poor swimmers. Article on the

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WhiteMiasma 6 months ago

I don't think it is a big deal; but most of the low count is that any man that is going in to beatoff in a jar is also wackin it to jewish pornos nightly, so there's that.

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theliquidatedrabbi 8 months ago

Natural News had an article up the other day about graphene in the masks which cause problems similar to those of asbestos. Keep wearing those masks, stupid people.

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mat6719 8 months ago

Plus they have become just another item of litter that you see on the ground everywhere. It seems part of the "cure" is worse than the "disease."

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