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This entitled sheboon makes me want to kill her

Southern Rebel
Published on 13 Oct 2022 / In Uncategorized

where do these niggers keep getting the money to stay in luxury apartments and shove their fat nigger face full of food.... I'm sorry this video is so long but with each second it makes me want to shoot the sheboon more lol

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SAINT_Adolph_Hitler 2 months ago

Orc needs man-flesh

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NewWorldCircus 2 months ago

It's not like her kind has never stolen before from others who work hard for what they have.

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NewWorldCircus 2 months ago

Niggers LOVE drama

They are filled with contempt.
They are ugly hearted, conceited beasts.

Niggers are mentally deluded retards.

They think they are advanced, but are the lowest of the low.

They are so poisonous.
Interacting with them on a daily basis, poisons your soul.

Niggers must be deported.

They constantly search for strife, drama, violence, blood, and death.

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Erika 3 months ago

I mean yeah she’s super annoying and a nigger but she is in the right. You don’t eat some random persons food they paid for. That’s not entitlement.

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EditioN59 4 months ago

We still need to be honest ,as disgusting as she is , but i don,t see entitlement she paid for it

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