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⁣This is a pregnant lady who's had her waters burst in hospital being entrapped because she refuses the "covid test"

Published on 27 Jul 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣This is a pregnant lady who's had her waters burst in hospital being entrapped because she refuses the "covid test"

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pastprovespresent 2 months ago

Midwives should be a booming profession with all this covid madness.

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jamesonjohn45 2 months ago

fuck those niggers

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ytrebiLeurT 2 months ago

Do we have to go to the hospital armed to be cared for?

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Steelmidnight 2 months ago

I had a serious issue myself lately....Could have killed me, and I was turned away because I refused the jab.....SO yeah....It may be getting to that point.

There are at any given time, more then 7000 active diseases and viruses in this world. Of those, at least 1/4 are international and in first world nations....And half of those can be lethal...And yet THIS virus, which they have yet to even prove which oddly has the same survival rate, low chance of fatality and non existant fatality among children with the SAME ANNUAL stats as the now absent flu, is the one they are hell bent on sticking people over, and locking everything down....And yet someone can have aids or Ebola and work serving you food?

Why the obsession to get this needle in peoples arms over THIS one?

Count the letters of the Alphabet-



In the ancient temples of Baal in Babylon (there book isnt the Torah, its the BABYLONIAN Talmud) there was a ritual to the demon God Moloch, in which they would offer up the sacrifice of a King in a golden coffin ( I guess a "Kang" will do just as well) where they would all stand 6 ft apart wearing masks to suppress their ego/individuality, and offer up burnt offerings of children to Moloch to try and bring him into the world in return for power....Moloch is just another name for Lucifer/Abaddon/Appollonian/Baphomet. It was for turning to Paganism, and taking part in this ritual that God stripped away the language and Identity of Israel....He later gave them a new name...."Christians"....And kept his promise that they would recieve a great nation and company of great nations, and all the race were saved on the cross....Meanwhile, the Jew want to damn us AND kill us....

So how do they do this, if we were all saved by Christ?

The Bible says they do it by "Bringing the abomination of desolation into the holy temple of God, to drive the spirit of God from it forever.....

This jab contains Graphene Oxide (a poison with NO Medical applications) Aborted fetus cells, animal DNA and nano tech that punches holes in your DNA, which is reformed with the aborted fetus cells and animal DNA. And they dont even deny these indrediants.

Why are Jew so hell bent on getting THIS into US?

Arabs and Jew fighting over that middle eastern temple in that little terrorist state is a con job....YOU are the Holy temple of God....And what happens, if the abomination of desolation (Aborted fetus/murdered babies and animal DNA) is grafted to your DNA with nano-tech, the Holy spirit LEAVES you. And you become something called a "Chimerae"...A soulless hybrid...Then the Graphene Oxide kills you, and the Jew cackle and rub their greasy hands that they killed the body AND the souls of some of the children of light.

And it doesnt matter if any of YOU are believers as I am or not....What matters is that these JEW and the traitors who support them at the top...The people "IN the know"...THEY believe it....And they believe it enough to kill every last one of us.

They are NOT pushing the vax in 2 non white countries that I know of (Mexico, Kuwait) because people I trust are in these places, and told me they werent....That its barely discussed over there....The target is the white race, in white nations....The heathen being killed are a smoke screen to hide that fact....

Everyone, and I mean everyone who has taken that jab will probably be dead within the next two years....Hell, they may even being giving many of the non whites placebo and ONLY killing whites....I dont know....I PRAY I am wrong, but from what all I have seen, and the research I have known about with occult for a long time? It is very troubling.....

Stay safe, and God bless.

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ytrebiLeurT 2 months ago

@Steelmidnight: Always remember, all diseases are in the blood and a phlebotomy is advisable against blood poisoning. You can also have a phlebotomy done regularly, new blood is formed immediately and you feel better because the new blood that is constantly being produced in the bone marrow is not contaminated with germs and bacteria. Healthy blood is the internal immune system, skin is the external immune system. Be strong friend ...

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iSippi 2 months ago

This is the niggers flip

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Duck 2 months ago

make it go viral, these scumbag pieces of shit, dr and medical industry and big pharm same as political satanists

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