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This is the video that forced a school to temporarily shut its social media down because well its way too White

Published on 13 Jul 2021 / In Cultural Marxism / Kalergi

⁣I didn't know schools like this still existed. ie White

Easy enough for those on the nativist right to gripe, ''yes, but'', but there's wider public traction in the fact this all-white school was forced to take down their social media accounts (temporarily) after being barraged by the Left and minorities for having English children all made up in St George's flags and costumes.

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ScreamingInSilence 8 months ago

The blowback waiting for foolish Marxists and their (((Masters))) will be Biblical.

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eric_blood 8 months ago

What the Z.O.G. wants.

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so what if they're in st. george costume? fuck you.

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NewWorldEbola 1 year ago

please make RAHOWA happen sooner than later.
i'm sick of this shit.

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When I remember my school class in the 90's, a third were already brainwashed when they got into their teens wearing communist logos, marihuana emblems and baggypants. They wouldnt even touch a nationalflag... or admit to be a citizien of that nation. What I didn't know was that at least half the staff of teachers were leftists, faggots and kinky christians - they were just not dressed a certain way because they had to fit in a loose, neutral social norm of the public school.

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hocuspocusfocus 1 year ago

yep i never realised at the time but i went to a polytechnic and before i knew it i was on an Anti Nazi League Event in a park as there were loads of free bands (brainwashing me even more probably) but to me at that time it was a free day out with loads of music, alcohol and your mates. We were clueless to these agendas. Hitler was evil, the good guys won right let's party !!! it has been a rude awakening and i still find it hard to believe i went so many years never thinking about the Jews ....better late than never i suppose but i do feel very foolish at those years now.. Hey ho

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pater409 1 year ago

@hocuspocusfocus: Definitely better late than never. No one who is at all awake to the JQ was born that way. I, too, was completely brainwashed. Discovering the way we have been lied to and the magnitude of those lies left me stunned and staggering. Once one moves from a state of not knowing to a state of knowing, there is no going back, ever, to that former state--but I would rather know the truth than be ignorant and deluded.

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@hocuspocusfocus: I was against all that leftist modern mainstream shit back then even young I was quite right in my mind about it, but I changed my mind when I recognised the people I was stuck with were just stupid loserhooligans following a brawler cult. Left everything behind and opened myself up to a new world, was quite a lot of fun and girls tough. But it was a hard landing 6 years ago, the refugee crisis blew my mind - how careless society had become about all foundational principles.

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