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Thomas Sewell talks about the parasites

Published on 21 Mar 2021 / In Uncategorized

Thomas Sewell talks about the parasites

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 6 months ago

reply to rambetter, just what i've found in research on the word "jew":

1.) i'm not 100% certain what that word is, but have ideas:
2.) i am 100% convinced it has nothing to with Jacob's son Judah,
3.) it does appear connected to jewelry which was an ancient currency,
they are always the money-changers
as is the famous quote about controlling a nation's money supply.

4.) the OLDEST archaeology info i found is egyptian "djew"
and i highly suspect it is this,
which they are massively into egyptian and babylonian iconography/symbols and rituals.

5.) around 1930 usa congress jews TRIED to make saying the word "jew" by any nonjew a criminal offense
but that they were allowed to say the word, it is on video them demanding it; it failed.

6.) today they nearly have that complete with the word "nigger", you get fired for saying "nigger".

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wonderfulworld 6 months ago

Heil Sewell

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rambetter 6 months ago

Only suggestion is to use a term other than "Jew" because I feel (((they))) invented that term to be deliberately misleading. (Sounds like "Tribe of Judah".)

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 6 months ago

am gonna reply above for linebreaking

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 6 months ago

good to hear anyone NAME, THE JEW.

years back people agreed with me when
i talked about nigger racism, nigger violence, nigger crime.

and they agreed with me when
i talked about police oppression, fraud and money stealing via bullshit tickets, etc.

but everyone back then freaked if you dared mention the precious jew.

i think some of those whites ARE finally waking up,
that the root problem, the problem that created police-state cops and nigger crime,
is infact - the jew.

as he notes here, they are realizing - why is there A LAW about talking about a jew.
why is there A LAW regarding an opinion or belief.
americans didn't have these laws before and we were not told that
germany did, canada did, australia did, and probably other places i don't yet know myself.

but they are recently adding these laws to america now.
that combined with all this other info is alerting whites in america.
they are noticing MOST of americas political rulers are infact jews,
and when it's not a jew it's a white who praises jews,
or it's both a nigger-and-female, like the beetlejuice shitstain of shitcago,
kabala harris, gaptooth abrams of georgia, the niggerbitch "squad", etc.

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WhiteMiasma 6 months ago

Are you saying it's illegal in the US to talk about these vampires?

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 6 months ago

@WhiteMiasma: they are working on it and have succeeded in making any and all support of bds (jew boycott) either illegal, or all your funding is cut, cannot get govt jobs or contracts. all that over your opinion on one country. you can support a boycott of china, france, germany, anywhere, but you cannot support bds. with trump and biden they are pushing this protect-the-jew further each day.

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