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Tik Tok for Normies - 9/11 Nuclear Connection

Published on 08 Jun 2021 / In Conspiracies

Kikes think the White European race isn't conscious. We may not all be, but the one's who are, we're waking the rest up.

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HereAmI 5 months ago

Still trying to gaslight us.
I can assure everybody that if a nuclear detonation had gone off under the Tower ( s ) then very little would have been left of Manhattan.
And the "bathtub" in which the Towers were built would have ruptured, and allowed the river to access it.
What we actually had was some sort of interfering electromagnetic energy pattern; this can be shown to produce the "one metal being absorbed into another," or even cardboard penetrating metal.
Dr Judy Wood has the details in her magnum opus "Where did the Towers go?" which is required reading - but note, it is NEVER referenced by the gaslighting community.

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