TikTok Latina Cute

Published on 19 Jun 2021 / In Entertainment

⁣TikTok Latina Cute

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NewWorldCircus 1 year ago

The young Mexican women get pregnant.
They have a bunch of filthy Mexican spawn.

Which carries forward their bullshit, gross culture.

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NewWorldCircus 1 year ago

I live amongst Mexicans.

Their music is so stale, and dead, and utterly obnoxious.

I cannot stand those fuckers.

They blast their shitty Mexican music all night.
Have no respect for their neighbors, and genuinely stupid people.

I see the teenage-20's Mexican males walking around with tattoos, gold chains, and a faggotty hood way of behaving.

They are utterly stupid morons.

Can't wait for the Mexicans to be wiped out.

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NewWorldEbola 1 year ago

3/10 performance
-3/10 for that shit noise

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devnly 1 year ago

yes, you indeed have a fat arse, now fuck off.

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