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Tim Pool is Jewish

Published on 15 Jul 2020 / In Non-profits & Activism

"To control the opposition we must lead it". - Lenin

Tim Pool, Jewish, Polish-Jew, Ashkenazim

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AsianRacialist 9 months ago

I never liked Tim pool to begin with.

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TheEvilWhite 1 year ago

People have been taking the piss out of old Pool for years about being a Trump-centric Democratic fence sitter. Always dissecting the situation with that "Tsk, look man, ok , I know...." type smartassery. A few years ago he also started his Subverse news channel I saw was openly pro- Jew/Israeli neocon trash. Shit knows what's up with those two dreidel-spinning motherfuckers.

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SerIntegral 1 year ago

That people obeys the most racist book. The Talmud.

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1488 1 year ago

yes 'southern' is a kikess
I wouldn't be surprised that pool is too

but this video really supplies no evidence outside an association between the two to draw this conclusion or did I miss something?

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