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Time to get rid of the elderly in China

Published on 31 Dec 2022 / In Covid 19 84 / HoloCough

A crises of old people in China.

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happyapple4 4 months ago

'this is the place where the virus is surging?' You talking about yourself as a fake ass fuckin' journalist, probably a tranny no doubt! STFU You dearie are the true virus!

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Aragorn 4 months ago

"But.. but... it was Hitler that ran the euthanasia program! So, the world must still be run by NAZIS!!!"

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cracker 5 months ago

I don't like chinks.

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Europeanflower 5 months ago

I care only for our people

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Hatbox 5 months ago

What a cess pool. China tries so hard to promote itself as a first world, developing nation. But, most of it is still backwards and upside down. Killing off the old is right up there with killing babies any time someone had more than one child.

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In truth, the Chinese 1 child policy is now at 3 children. The replacement numbers for China are still declining and the average Chinese average age is increasing. It was always possible to have more than one child in China but the STATE would only supply commie support for one child. The rest were on the parents. Most Chinese were agrarian until the 80's and most of those multiple children moved to the cities. In those cities many had fewer children than their parents, naturally.
China has an UNDER population crisis looming on them every bit as serious as Japan. They know it too and are seriously worried.

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