Tip?? Run faster than my dogs nigger!

Southern Rebel
Published on 20 Dec 2022 / In Uncategorized

the only tip i would give that nasty sheboon nigger is at the end of a benelli while i set my staffordshire loose on its ass

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What was that smell? Was it the dreadlocks? The sass or the fact that the nigger just didn't 'fit' within that neighborhood? There are some smells which just put you off your food.
That is not the right taco for a hispanic family.
You can't take Africa out of the child, no matter where the child delivers food.

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Habsfan1616 3 months ago

Niggers are self-entitled pieces of trash that should be in the jungle thousands and thousands of miles away from civilisation.

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Whitefuture 3 months ago

And BLM niggers will burn her house down before it is robbed for calling in that nigger getting her fired / forced to pay that meal.
"Tall trees are safe and effective"

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TinyCow 3 months ago

lmao mexicans and niggers... what do you expect

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Habsfan1616 3 months ago

I am pretty sure that the Cartels can take out the trash. Just a matter of time.

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SeekinYah 3 months ago

Pro-level at earning the hate these beasts.

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