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To Combat Vaccine Refusers, We Just Have To Get Rid Of All The Whites In The United States✡️

Published on 07 Jul 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣To Combat Vaccine Refusers, We Just Have To Get Rid Of All The Whites In The United States✡

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IdahoBen 2 months ago the only people really refusing vaccination are whites. The people eager to get jabbed are minorities, immigrants and commies. The jab is killing people...hmmm. I think brighter days are ahead my friends.

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gordonsumner 2 months ago

She's a PEDO-trician of course. The evil is just so overwhelmingly omnipresent right now that it shock and awes your mind and soul. My take on this is that the barrier that once separated and protected us and the Earth from the lower demonic astral world, was TORN OPEN by CERN a few years ago, and all previously unimaginable evils are now pouring into our once impregnable and God-guarded reality.

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30WD 3 months ago (edited)

feel free to leave her a Google review like many others have... 1.5 so far, how low can it go?,1,,,

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Steelmidnight 3 months ago

ANYONE why denies that there is a Jewish unholy alliance in place to genocide the white race, slap THIS video in front of them....See them stammer for an excuse!

These are the perfect resources for opening the eyes of the blind! We just have to be diligent in circulating them!

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Lawi 3 months ago

Did we just hear another Cainoid - Idumea (Jew), promote hate and White Genocide as a means to force Vaccines on so called minorities?

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