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to keep my job washing lettuce.. i got the vaccine. and then i died .. but it's better than getting covid !

Published on 01 Jul 2022 / In Comedy

⁣⁣this guy will always be remembered for being a happy slave
coming to america - i'm washing lettuce
according to wikdikpedo louie was not a kike. r.i.p.

louie anderson was born and raised in saint paul, minnesota,

the son of ora zella (née prouty; 1912–1990), a mayflower descendant, and louis william
anderson (1901–1980).[1][5] his father was a trumpeter for singer hoagy carmichael.[6] anderson was the second youngest of 11
children in his family. in a 2016 interview on wtf with marc maron,
anderson revealed that his mother actually gave birth to 16 children, but five
of them—the first baby and then two sets of twins—died at birth.[7] anderson described his father as
"abusive" and an alcoholic.[8]

anderson attended johnson senior high in saint paul.[9]

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happyapple4 6 months ago

Anti-white male racism is cleverly weaved into the movie. They use humor. Laughing and feeling good makes you vulnerable to something being slipped into your mind.

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