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⁣Today one muslim pig killed 10 children in Russian (Tatarstan) school

Published on 11 May 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Today one muslim pig killed 10 children in Russian (Tatarstan) school

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iNFiDEL 3 months ago

When it kills your children you kill it!

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Paulsmithatkins 4 months ago

Would like to know more on this. Russians won't put up with that shit, from what I've seen.

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Scatterbrainkid 4 months ago

Look it’s an other false flag.... 🙄 when will people wake up and realize these things are REAL?!

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Justin_Sanity 4 months ago (edited)

Why would you joke about the false flag? That looks like a room of dead kids! just saying.

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DecodingReality 4 months ago

@Hugh_G_Whitman: Well yeah. Assuming it's a PSYOP (I'm not saying it is), then it would have to LOOK that way. That's the whole point. If it's not convincing, nobody would believe it.

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KingVirzionTheProudAntisemite 4 months ago (edited)

Meanwhile (((Vladimir Jewtin))) and the rest of the jewish commissar's are celebrating the """""victory""""" of the mass murdering rapist red army that destroyed the one nation that could have prevented this tragedy and virtue signaling
about how we must crush "nazi ideologies"

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Jjsmash 4 months ago

well said . Bravo.

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cracker 4 months ago

The pig killed ten white children but ten thousand whites will now and forever learn to despise the Muslims until the end of their days. Hope that ten thousand, and hundreds of thousands more, learn to despise the Jew and their Satanic intentions in time to save humanity.

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