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Tolerance is Suicide

Published on 15 Jul 2021 / In Niggers

⁣This is a compilation video of the South African riots in July of 2021.

The song is 'In For Life' by Epic Score.

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Ryan2Pointzero 1 year ago


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theliquidatedrabbi 1 year ago

When these types of events are viewed from above its like a swarm of black ants that have been poisoned and are just going every which way. Black ants are a positive in the world, generally, though; they clean up the detritus whilst blacks ARE the detritus.

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Ryan2Pointzero 1 year ago (edited)

Canadian MAINSTREAM Completely Ignoring's not even happening...meanwhile...Anti-Racist Mathematics & LGBTQ2+ or whatever they're calling themselves this week...that's the Narrative. Drag Kids & Renaming DUNDAS St in Toronto...OH & to Submit & Avoid a "4th WAVE" of COVID-1984...We're All Scrambling like Lemons to whatever JAB they'll Stick Us with...People Walking, Driving, Riding Bicycles, Honestly saw it...JOGGING ALONE...Outside...Masked UP...CDN Civilisation is FUBARED!!!

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ShortieLeeroy 1 year ago

The video title is spot on.

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GoyimGoddess 1 year ago

planet of the apes

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