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Transgender Ideology in Schools is Child Abuse

Published on 06 Mar 2021 / In Homo / LGBTQP Agenda


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happyapple4 2 months ago

Excellent upload! If there ever was such a thing as the 'best' truth out there regarding transgenderism, it is in this video!

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mics972 1 year ago
Are you born a STRAWMAN of fiction,
or are you born a true sovereign citizen?
Please check out Mr. David Young's Youtube,

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1 year ago

It feels like this is the worst time to be alive. Transgenderism is insanity.

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pater409 1 year ago

There are monsters in the form of human beings that want people to be fucked up. And to think, this unfathomable insanity is institutionalized in groups like the AAP. It is our duty to destroy and exterminate these monsters. I don't follow the inane, perverse prick-tates of the Bolshevik JEW World Order, I don't fucking have to, and woe is the sorry stupid cunt who thinks they can make me.

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