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transvestigation ⁣clint eastwood

Published on 04 Oct 2021 / In Hollywood / Jewish Media

the world is run by a bunch of degenerate trannies

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BasedAndAwake 4 days ago

transvestigations the new kyke clickbait disassembly, apparently

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iNFiDEL 5 days ago

All I see is 'BOYS ASSO ? wtf

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Dielo 12 days ago

This is stupid.

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Teutonic Knight
Teutonic Knight 19 days ago

This is trash, makes us look looney...C.E. as a teenager in Army was known as a playboy type as he dated many women on base as a life guard. He has many children obviously has testes. Has had numerous affairs over the years with many well-known exactly when did all this bunk allegedly happen 1940ish what? he was born in 1930..I hear a lot of "look-see here's proof" where is this wack-jobs side-by-side analysis and charts? (but yet nothing but pointing finger anomalies many men have those traits, vice-versa), as well as many women, have narrow hips..My ex-wife was a track cross country runner semi-professional she had my son, I was there she had narrow where are these charts and such? Why do people with little info feel like they can run in other people's reputations without merit? Can you verify his alleged XX chromosomes then? fuksake all this paranoia of trannies everywhere is stupid..this is 100% bullcrap easily proved with a DNA test..

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nonstopwarfare 20 days ago

my initial reaction was get to fuck, no way, but after opening my mind for a few minutes and giving her a chance, oh god no.

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