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Trey Xanthean - Tri-Alpha - 2002 - (Remastered for 2022)

Trey Xanthean
Published on 26 Jun 2022 / In Music

Hello My Volk. this is my First FULL Album, Released on August 14th 2002... Remastered for 2022. please note the song "V-" is not of great quality because of issues with the source tape i am working on this and may release an updated version, or possibly a entirely new recording. i do hope you enjoy hearing this Album as much as i enjoied making it.
All My Love to My Volk!!!
⁣⁣(c) 1988-2022 By Christ Records ASCAP. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission of By Christ Records And Trey Xanthean. Produced, Arranged, Composed and Performed by: Trey Xanthean Exclusively for By Christ Records. Used By Permission of Trey Xanthean and By Christ Records. Unauthorized Use or Reproduction is a Violation of All National and International Copyright Laws. ASCAP. Remastered on Sonar Platnmum and Studio One...(2022) .
For My People!!!
track listing...
1. At the Door.
2. A Row Of Sorrow.
3. His Hand Alone.
4. Incidental Fusion.
5. This Dream.
6. Raise it Up.
7. System Storm.
8. V-.
9. W.H.T.V.T.C.

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Nemesis2 3 months ago (edited)

You blew me away again. I just adore your voice . I love all of fhe songs , how I would have loved to hear you play these live. I would be right at the front on my feet. This album had a deep meditive feel, a determination and strength of feeling and power in your voice .as you declare your faith. This dream and raise it up and system storm my favourites here but all are sublime . What a guitar player you are too , I've listened to ophiidian 10 times already ,the same will apply for This album. I can't wait to be thrilled with your next one my dear friend😘

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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 3 months ago

oh my goodness, you flatter me so my dear Friend! thank you for all your kind support and your feedback. i am overjoyed you like it!!! yes those songs are some of my favorites too. i had so much fun making that album. it was a very creative time for me because i had been out of Tripping Dogs for about 5 years with little to few new songs coming and had been studying Fathers Word very seriously for that time. then songs just started to pour out of me. it was a really interesting time. Thank you again my dear Friend!!! i will get another one up soon.

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Nemesis2 3 months ago

@Trey Xanthean: we are blessed to have you share your special and God given talent with us my dear friend . I'm thoroughly enjoying this journey through time album and context. Thank you 😊

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