Truth Will Out Radio Churchill’s Body Count

Published on 07 Mar 2023 / In Interesting

⁣Churchill armed neutral merchant ships and ordered them to attack U-boats in the hopes this would cause the maximum loss of life, as U-boats would have to torpedo the ships instead of surfacing and allowing the passengers to get into lifeboats first.

He then started arming passenger ships, including the Lusitania, which also happened to be laden with illegal ammunition.

He withheld the British intelligence that warned of a U-boat in the vicinity and sat back as his plan worked and a thousand innocent passengers were blown up.

After this, he tried to get the captain of the Lusitania blamed for the catastrophe.

Winston Churchill is no hero, he was a dishonourable fraud who should have been tried for war crimes.

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IsraelIsChristian2 18 days ago

Good video

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 20 days ago

Ww2 - morganthol plan
All wars and for currency change
And all currency changes require war
Blood - sacrifice- old covenant -
Research it yourself
Only one legitimate legal authority and jurisdiction on planet earth
British FCS banking regulatory authority- Supreme Court of England is called Talmud Court
Goyim are animals - only fit to serve and sacrifice
Peace offers turned down
1812 - Iraq - no peace
Only free masons and their divine Jews changing currency thru authority thru blood
Why haven’t the Goyim turned on these bastards?
Because- there is power in the blood
They don’t believe in Jesus. So old covenant still is the title deed to planet thru the animal blood or ours
Criminal tress pass- pass over
Bond servants
Free masons
Jews are human

Research the current situation- crypto Briks nations
Ukrainian war is not a war of patriotion - it’s ww3
For dna based China Russia crypto
No barrel of grease

Churchill - ⛪️ Hell
Just doing his part -. A natural saddest

They just don’t make ‘em Gen Ilyd Erinberg anymore

Research the connection
Ww2 and Ukrainian war
Any war - and currency changes after
Peace turned down - always

Adolf was not a shill - schott banker could never explain this to him
Read what Adolf said about banking, Schott - Germany banker

Because- logic leaves and Bible is REAL

SOLOMON- adviser and wives
Old covenant from Judah Israel to Cain Eusa

It’s true


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Maverick0708 18 days ago

Where can this info be found?

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 17 days ago

@Maverick0708: it took me decades of research and listening- reading the Bible and historical books to see how the link between blood sacrifice and THE ONE AND ONLY LEGITIMATE LEGAL AUTHORITY AND JURISDICTION-
Charter nations
Coin currency
The Bible
The Old Covenant- Jacob vs Eusa
The. Solomon- wives and chief preist - Eusa bloodline
Eusa got the covenant back from Jacob

But it was - peace declined 21 times by allied
And the blood bath of Russia-1908-1963

I believe the Old Testament covenant is the Title or deed to planet Earth
The English realization that the Jews held this title in 1066
Cromwell -
It’s a legal battle
Now , this must have POWER , beyond it
Power to influence thoughts
Power to control integrity
Power to destroy
Power to enforce
It has all the above

I don’t like this , I’m just saying it’s true

Start with Chaplain Bob - Bible Study
Europa- the final battle
There are many wars and economic links to currency
Coincidentally they are not published!!!!
Go figure

It very difficult to find - I saw this in Vietnam, Iraq and ww2 films

I saw the collective bargaining turned down , unconditional surrender- turned down for hamburger hill / killing fields / and indiscriminate slaughter

It’s a blood sacrifice - got to be
It also bleeds over into other industries
Music , health and education

Telling you how to find this is a difficult thing to do
Your going to have to learn everything, then see the pattern and Hippocracy of it

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