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Tsunamis Man Made aka 'Tsunami Bombs' - Rescue Heroes 1999 [w/Live Shot TB]

Published on 30 Jun 2022 / In Geoengineering

⁣⁣Next time a 'tsunami' or 'storm surge' takes out a geographic ⁣region - and there will be a next time, in fact quite a few 'next times'⁣ - remember this..

Tsunamis (and so-called 'storm surges') on demand? They call them tsunami bombs. It is a known science. Agenda 21 does not like 'humans' inhabiting coastal regions.So-called storm surges can be 'on demand' with the same method too. Rescue Heroes cartoon in 1999 showed very clearly exactly how it is done. Take note.

Project Seal US Navy Tsunami Bombs 1940's .. see:

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