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U.N Forces Inside Canada Set for Door to Door Vaccination

Published on 12 Jun 2021 / In Conspiracies

⁣Targeted Individual Handbook:
Combating jewish gangstalking and directed energy weapons

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pater409 1 year ago

It's nice to see at least one man in the flesh who sees the insane bullshit for what it is. His warnings must not go unheeded. The VERY gay faggot Turdeau is prepared to take an unlimited amount of ball-less JEW COWARD cock up his asshole to implement full-blown Bolshevism in Canada.

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HereAmI 1 year ago

Nations are like those lines of dominos that get stacked up.
Somebody needs to get up close and personal with Trudeau, and shoot him dead.
Next, teresa Tam.
And so on.
They will get the message, and the military will turn on them all.
You will no longer be a nation that is only known because it likes maple syrup.

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GlitterFinch 1 year ago

Trump said the same thing with military going door to door "Operation Warpspeed" in the US.

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Freethinking_Vladimir 1 year ago (edited)

I only wish the world would effing get it, like how this gentleman thinks. But I highly doubt it. People need lies to do anything.

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Truthload 1 year ago

This guy should have airtime on every Canadian news channel

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