UK Politicians Deliberately Crash Pound For Personal Gain

Published on 20 Nov 2022 / In Conspiracies


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R1Nation 4 months ago

Well I will explain it to the woman who clearly does not understand what is going on but believes something is going on

They decided to reduce tax this would reduce the amount of money paid to the Central bank to pay back the original loans made during the lockdown

The sensual bank the bank of england responded by buying guilts those are shares in the u k treasury this would increase the overall amount of money they get back

So the problem was the government indicated they were not very happy giving money to the Central bank in order to pay back debt to ourselves

They believe the best way to stop inflation is not to take money out of the economy from the ordinary population

The best way would be to stimulate growth through low taxation
Love taxation does increase Treasury overall because of the increased growth
The bank of England was not prepared to wait for that

The lesson is high deficits means the financial system is in control of government policy and not the government

Truss was removed because they were able to prove that not giving the Central bank warning was Wreckless

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