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Ukraine UPRISING!! - THIS IS HOW IT'S DONE!! "Protests" are for PUSSIES!!

Published on 26 Jul 2021 / In People & Blogs

Ukranians have more balls than ALL American, European, Canadian, Australian men COMBINED!! THIS is how the people show their will. Voting isn't going to do shit. THIS will grab their attention on top of pigs in body bags....ORDER FOLLOWERS willing to impose TYRANNY UPON THEIR OWN GOD DAMN PEOPLE...these pigs deserve DEATH!!

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I agree, but this was done so the new world order could install that gay jew into power.

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cuckedbaseman 21 days ago

Needs more Molotov cocktails. That’s what they should be doing in Australia. Get into some tall buildings, bar the doors and lure them into a pile and just start chucking that shit and every other kind of projectiles they can find.

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The Ukranians have witnessed the jew Bolsheviks first hand during holodomor in the 1930's, the last time Britons kicked off big time was in 1190's during the coin-clipping riots before expulsion. We Whites in Europe, America, Canada and Australia have been living in a bubble for far too long while the White South Africans have experienced real hardship under jew/black ANC rule.

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GoySchmecklestein 3 months ago (edited)

This must be our delight if we are to survive. And, by survive I mean stay human.

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Whipsaw 3 months ago

Behold! The real antifa! Now these are true anti fascists unlike the Saul Alinskinites in America who stand against truth and freedom and who are the very fascists they claim to be fighting.

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