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Ukraine War a Plot to Entice Jews to Israel

Published on 15 Apr 2022 / In Wars / Military Industrial Complex

⁣Ukraine War a Plot to Entice Jews to Israel
⁣To justify its illegal invasion of Ukraine, Russian propaganda has long painted its neighbor – falsely – as a fascist state that needs to be “de-nazified.”

Recently, a prominent Malaysian politician sympathetic to Russia took the opposite approach, accusing Ukraine of being a “Zionist” puppet.

In an April 7 Facebook post, Abdul Hadi bin Awang, president of the Malaysian Islamic Party and the Malaysian prime minister’s special envoy for the Middle East, baselessly claimed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is part of a Zionist plot to get Jewish Ukrainians to settle in Israel.

Abdul Hadi accused Zionists of “causing chaos [across] the whole world,” clandestinely colonizing other countries and forming “proxies to engage in warfare directly through leaders who were tools or by subtle provocations.”

“Most recently, Ukraine became an established Zionist base, as 40% of its citizens were Zionists or Jews despite the real, hidden statistics. Most of [Israel’s leaders] come from Ukraine or surrounding countries such as Poland, Hungary, Austria and others,” Abdul Hadi said.

Abdul Hadi claimed Ukrainians have received better treatment as refugees than “war victims in West Asia and Africa” because of “how strong the Zionist influence is on European countries and their allies.”

Echoing false Kremlin claims, he said NATO expansion “was an act of provocation that forced Russia to launch an initial attack to save its country.”

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whitepride73 11 months ago

wtf Irahell stopped the USA from delivering self defense weapons to Ukraine then this means these filthy kikes are part of the problem and this should be treated as a hostile act of war.

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