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UN Takeover.

Published on 19 Jun 2022 / In Police State / J.W.O.


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rpmcmurphy 12 months ago

160 million 'climate' refugees to come....#kalergi

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UninformedConsent 12 months ago

Most of the homeless around here camp along the Bruce Trail/Niagara Escarpment. So I think many people are unaware of how bad it is.

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CelticAwake 12 months ago

Its like that in a lot of places, ive seen as well. :( I think some people Are aware, but its like they.. dont Want to See it.. if that makes sense? *thinks* Its a harsh reality, and when you see it affecting Whites more and more, it is hard to take in. But its all around us. :(

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CelticAwake 12 months ago

*Meant to add: in the original video from that clip, it was actually an All White homeless encampment, from what im aware. Its from more out West; in BC. Thats a Canadian park everyone sees.. :( Very sad. :( Then theres a scene from South Africa-- SA is where the White genocide seemingly "started". Its SOOO bad over in SA, and ((((((they)))))) seem to want the whole world looking like that. Its very hard to even Know about this stuff, let alone see it coming to fruition. :(

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