Undercover Inside - The Heathrow Migrant Hotels (2022)

Published on 25 Nov 2022 / In Immigration

⁣Migrants are crossing the English Channel in record numbers with more than 40 thousand this year alone. The UK government is struggling to find accommodation for the illegal migrants and has been housing migrants in hotels around the country, at the cost to the taxpayer of more than £6 million per day. The government plans to temporarily house the migrants whilst their asylum applications are processed to determine if they are genuine refugees or economic migrants. Rebel News Reporter Callum Smiles gained access to two hotels being used to house migrants just outside of Heathrow Airport and brings you this exclusive report.

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Matuliz 10 days ago

Good luck with this shit uk..Its a shame Germany didn't win the war..

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Ogre 10 days ago

Seems balanced for once but I sure as hell will not support anyone going hand in hand with zionist Ezra Levant´s "Rebel" News.

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Spectralwulf 10 days ago

The UK's totalitarianism and subservience to Islam has already driven away tourism - so who else is willing to stay in those hotels and keep the industry from going under? I wonder how long the government can continue to rent hotels for a bunch of freeloading, foreign criminal squatters? Many don't want to work and are only taking away British jobs when they do. Those hotels are probably going to start catching fire and being damaged to where the owners will prefer collecting insurance money over maintaining hives of foreign gangs.

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