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Underground tunnel in Springfield Missouri - d.u.m.b.?

Published on 25 Oct 2021 / In Video Vault


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exposethejews 1 month ago

wow cant believe they allowed him to record this and post it online. this looks cool. phil schnider talk about dumbs and how an alien shot a beam of light at him and blew up his fingers

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drutsohg 1 month ago

I see nothing to indicate that this place is military at all. I have been to two of these types of places. One was a marijuana farm (a legal one) and one was, believe it or not, a storage rental place. People put high-dollar stuff in there because it has a stable temperature and humidity.

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Soldier1 1 month ago

This is so upsetting on so many levels. So many people know about the DUMB's. You know they have foodstuffs, etc., being delivered there although they hold up shipping on the outside. The "cave" goes
on forever. My dad and ex were/are truck drivers and I've never seen a terminal that large.
Who is A?

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