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University of Minnesota Med Students Take Oath to 'Fight White Supremacy'

Published on 15 Oct 2022 / In White Replacement
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Angleburrthumperdink 5 months ago

"Our cult members commit to healing our planet and communities, by preventing communities from discriminating by any/all characteristics, in favour or against their opinion of beauty, so that all the communities we don't like are destroyed."

All Hail le Supreme virtue of America's Managed Plantation Slave Economy.

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Habsfan1616 5 months ago

I see a lot of jews and not many whites.

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Joseph 5 months ago

Tell me why he should not be hanged.

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DertJones 5 months ago

The education system was organized/created by John D Rockefeller around 1905 to make obedient people and more or less dumb down population, starting with the youth and mandatory schooling. By the time the students get to college they are heavily indoctrinated. (Taught what to think, not how to think). These here students have at least 4 more years of listening to this bullshit

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IsraelIsChristian2 5 months ago

In case you wonder if they’re car salesmen rather than kind hearted healers.. Begging for the kike money

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