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🇨🇦Updates for Quebec: On "Gun Violence"; $90Million

Published on 24 Sep 2021 / In News & Politics

Hey, everyone;
Just keeping everyone updated on whats happening over in Quebec. Looks like theres some gun restrictions kicking in, regarding alledged "gun violence". Precisely Whom, Will these alledged "laws" be For..? Remember everyone, we are infact dealing with MARITIME LAW..

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infusion 2 months ago

They want us in the position of australia
defenceless agaisnt their tyranny

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Joel 2 months ago

The ''stories'' are bullshit. We KNOW why they're ramping up the gun scare. If the average person knew how many guns there actually ARE,......and that these ''stories'' are just that, stories to scare, their head would spin. ''Something'' has made most Canadians terrified of guns. I've known some pretty ''nasty'' ''criminals'',.....I've been in some undesirable situations, and the only time(S) <---Plural,...I was ever concerned about being shot,...., was when it was a cop holding the gun. And this isn't L.A or New York or Chicago,.........guns are not cheap. Illegal guns, 3 to 5+ times the retail price. Some relatively common hand guns WILL run you up to $10 000. Now SERIOUSLY,.....what would something like an illegal AK or AR cost,.....$15 000 - $20 000. They want to crack down, because they KNOW the people wanting guns are not criminals, but, very serious people. And (((they))) ARE fomenting something here, Montreal/Quebec,'s gonna be a Melbourne soon enough.

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