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US Department of Defense Cyber Warfare and Deradicalization Methods for Online Platforms

Published on 09 Nov 2021 / In Cointel Pro Shills

⁣⚠IMPORTANT ⚠ There is lots of information, links, channels, videos, and books in the description. The topics include History, Jewish History, WWI, WWII, National Socialism, Communism, 9/11, Racial Science, Anthropology, Controlled opposition, Freemasonry, Feminism, Gun Control, Mass Surveillance, Jewish control of the Media, Psychology, Israel, White Genocide, the COVID Scamdemic and a very important video: HOW TO ACHIEVE VICTORY. Have a look at the links below and subscribe! Download and share the truth.
MEGA Red Pill Archive –
Endchan /pol/

Accelerate: HOW TO ACHIEVE VICTORY https://worldtruthvideos.websi....te/watch/how-to-achi
FEMINISM: Destruction of the Family | Full Documentary
ZOGBOTS: Police Documentary https://worldtruthvideos.websi....te/watch/TrQEVrOJDnr
Brenton Tarrant: The Full Film
Germania – History of the Third Reich
Episode 1: Bolshevik Revolution
Episode 2 - Armistice
Episode 3 - Adolf Hitler
Episode 4 - Weimar Republic
Episode 5 - Frankfurt School
Episode 6 - Horst Wessel
National Socialism Documentary https://worldtruthvideos.websi....te/watch/germania-hi
The Rise and Fall of 8chan https://worldtruthvideos.websi....te/watch/the-rise-an

Europa: The Last Battle
The Greatest Story Never Told

Adolf Hitler – Mein Kampf
Arthur Kemp – March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race
Frank Britton – Behind Communism
Juri Lina – Under The Sign of the Scorpion
Richard D. Fuerle – Erectus Walks Amongst Us
Seymour Hersh – The Samson Option: Israel's Nuclear Arsenal & American Foreign Policy
Stephen Mitford Goodson – A History Of Central Banking And The Enslavement Of Mankind

Based Video Channels:
Aaron Kasparov
Adolf Hitler Reality
Agenda 21 Truth
Egyptologist 7
Esoteric Truths 2 (Unofficial)
Europe from its Origins
Hail Victory
History Time
Hitler and WW2 Truths
Latvian National Socialist
Léon Degrelle documentaries
Motus Populus
National Socialism Works 717
RedPill Dealer
Robert Sepehr
The Fire Rises
The Impartial Truth
The Impartial Truth II
White Power

AAARGH (Holocaust Revisionism)
American Renaissance
CODOH (Holocaust Revisionism)
Expel The Parasite
Institute for Historical Review
National Vanguard
Occidental Observer
Ostara Publications
The Impartial Truth
World War 2 Truth

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Peck Erwood
Peck Erwood 14 days ago

another great video
sign up for the roll call
we dont need to organize really, we just need a list of people ready to fight. if we get a few hundred, even a thousand, we can kick shit off big time. just need some way to send mass communications. should be the ez part

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Paulsmithatkins 19 days ago

This video is 100% correct but in today's technological world only a leaderless resistance has a chance to work IMO. I'm too old to physically fight so I share my ideas. Any leader or group that starts to gain a following will be infiltrated and destroyed in short order by dirty state funded communist actors. Only an un-jabbed leaderless resistance has a chance of working. Everyone can and should become their a leader and you know who the enemies are. If at some point in the future and if the movement grows large enough, maybe then a true leader can somehow step forward. Although I would never trust any leader. We really don't need a leader anyway.

Start thinking about soft targets now so when the time comes you will be ready to move on these enemies. Chose targets that you can stealthy take out on our own but only strike in neighboring cities and towns. Start small. Make mental notes of communist enemy locations. Trust no one, tell no one, talk to no one, stay off-line about your militant strategies. Always wear gloves, a hat, and double clothed so you can shed DNA quickly should you have to. Target wireless communication devices and towers, stop major traffic routs, target communist hangouts, be creative.

Start with non violent actions, and as the movement grows and the dirty communists freak out and send in their Shabos Goy to inflict violence on a Freedom Fighters, who got caught or talked to someone, retaliate 1000 fold even though they gave themselves out by talking. Target anything that slows down the enemy. You already know our enemies want all Whites dead so you have a right to defend yourself and your people.

Target Antifa Neo-communist members and dress as a homeless person and follow them to find out where they live. If you do a direct encounter leave some drug evidence such as part of a crushed pain pill in a baggie on them. This will go down as a drug deal gone bad. Antifa is the enemies of all liberty and freedom loving White peoples.

If you become a Freedom Soldier, send your phone the opposite way when you go to strike at night, or get rid of it all together. Don't strike any target in your own city. Don't look up any target on any online device. Strike at night. Don't use exploding weapons. Be creative.

Know that the Judaeo-communists want to inject every person with these tracking and tracing shots. Avoid the jabs at all costs and go underground if you have to. Mix in with the homeless as cover and strike targets at night if you have to. Remember you are a soldier and being uncomfortable is part of the job. You have the support of all free White people. Once the war becomes hot you will discover how valuable you are and how much support you have. Never forget, millions our people who died fighting dirty communists engineered wars. We can win because we do it out of love for our people, our families, our children and our way of life, not for the jew bucks. And always remember, the higher the technology the enemy uses on us, the lazier they become and the easier it will be to fight back for your Right to exist as Free White Men. They will always say they are winning to make you give up and when they say that it means they are losing.

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Peck Erwood
Peck Erwood 14 days ago

leader is more than likely going to get killed anyway.

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GHREM 20 days ago

This is a super excellent video! All should watch and take heed.

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missgayle 20 days ago

Shoot, won't load.

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BookAnon 20 days ago

Try playing it with the same video open up in another tab.
If that doesn't work, try downloading the video and playing it in your player of choice (VLC, mpv, mplayer etc.)
If neither of those methods work, contact me by DM.

There has been problems with quite a few videos on WTV, with some people playing a video fine meanwhile others can't play one specific video while others work. Just software bugs.

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VaXXXaNation 20 days ago

Tarrant Thing is FAF.

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VaXXXaNation 20 days ago

Well put together post good info

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