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US Government Hostage to Israel - Interview with Mark Bruzonsky

Published on 23 Jun 2022 / In Jewish Question


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AryanRooster 4 days ago

The first and final best simple way to bring world-peace:

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Hatbox 4 days ago

I think our politicians reap benefits from cooperating with Israelis. They seem oblivious to the fact that once jews gain control of everything, they won't be able to count on that secure feeling they seem so sure that they have. It is the American people, particularly whites, that are the real hostages.

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DeathToJWO 4 days ago

Typical kike bullshit, a little truth to sell the many lies...

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WhiteNight 4 days ago

there is NO such news media that would say the truth from the beginning to end

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shane127 4 days ago

true but so is the russian and chinese and english and french and so on.

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