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Using a lint roller to demonstrate how people will agree to anything if they think it'll keep em safe.

Published on 17 Oct 2022 / In Covid 19 84 / HoloCough


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R1Nation 4 months ago

I now get how the Jews conquored

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HereAmI 4 months ago

I always roller myself night and morning, and I haven't got sick yet!
I even wear a mask when I'm in the bath, in case covid is on the soap or my flannel.

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LeniRiefenstahl 5 months ago

FFA ! People are so stupid!

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Shortie Leeroy
Shortie Leeroy 5 months ago

These are the sheep that help keep that covid bullshit alive and kicking.Brainwashed and scared.

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BasedAndAwake 5 months ago

an action which impetuous bright nigger would do and urban American shitlib cucks would submit to

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ConorMcCormack 5 months ago

Great word that for describing them. They're all not impetuous when not in a group, with a weapon, or when you show them you're ready to kill.

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