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Utøya Animation by Blake Vincent Brayton

Published on 17 Jun 2022 / In Film & Animation

Video showcasing the events of Saint Breivik & his successful attack on the cultural Marxists occupying Utøya

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nimblehorse 4 days ago

Brevik is a Zionist jew loving fag

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MrMainn 3 days ago

Indeed. It seems like he was either a easily fooled patsy, or a double agent. His actions that day will be used to further decrease Norwegian's freedom's

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MrMainn 9 days ago

So much that don't add up on that day. This was an inside job. He had knowledge that there was no helicopter pilot ready (they had vacation). There were many callers that tried to inform the police but they did not listen. Civilians heard several gunshots from different location on the island. The day before the special police squad had training exercise on the exact same scenario where they were trained to kill on sight. Somehow the shooter on point did hold his fire. Breivik was not supposed to live through the act. What has happen in later years is stricter gun laws and an excuse to further the NWO agenda.

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TURKOFAGOS 9 days ago

I have uploaded this video to commemorate a victim of suicide you may not have heard of: Blake Vincent Brayton. He was one of us; /ourguy/ so to speak. Don't believe me? Well, he was the creator of the unofficial music video for Holding Out For A Tarrant by Mr.Bond. If you haven't seen it yet, go check it out. Bookanon uploaded it to here: https://worldtruthvideos.websi....te/watch/mr-bond-hol

On the 2nd of May 2021, he decided to become an hero by snuffing himself out with a Winchester 1300. He was a hero & I don't mean that lightly. Blake was planning on shooting up KEYS High School in Hurst, Texas but instead he choose to off himself in order to stop the future atrocity from happening. I will post his social medias if anyone will be interested in that.

Here's some memorials too.

R.I.P. Blake. You deserve to rest in peace for your noble choice. Rest easy, brother. All your fellow cobbers miss you, all 2083 of us.

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