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Utah tech ceo - "covid 19 vaccine extermination plot by jews"

Published on 08 Aug 2022 / In Jewish Question


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HEILHITLER1488 2 months ago


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san_nicola 2 months ago

Find that rabbi and tear him apart !
Losers !

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jimmyhugo 2 months ago

Good video tho I heard the story when it originally aired. Even if jew Bateman is trying to expose the Semitic supremacy all this story does is pour sympathy on the Semitic supremacy and labels anyone who suggests that the Semitic supremacy is behind the poison injections as evil hatred. It also shows how only a Semitic supremacist can have the conviction to suggest jew poison injections and conveniently he purportedly resigns from his job suggesting that if anyone else would suggest jew poisoning then there would be dire consequences. Controlling the narrative to summarize I guess.

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GlitterFinch 2 months ago

The CEO shouldn't be friends with jews, though.

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