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Utah Tech CEO: "Covid Vaccine Extermination Plot by The Jews"

Published on 06 Jan 2022 / In Phamajewdicals Vaccines

btw adam greenberg is a kike!

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Titanomachy 10 days ago

Dave Bateman for president! Haha too bad there's no political solution this time around. They won't let a nationalist party rise to power like the NSDAP did in Weimar Germany, in fact in a lot of European countries it's illegal to make a national socialist party. I wonder what normies will say when millions of people die of heart attacks all around them over the next few years. The media is already running damage control, claiming people are having heart attacks because of the stress from the pandemic and babies are born with higher chances of blood clots and heart attacks now because of climate change, I kid you not. Normies won't even think about the fact that the concept of global warming making children prone to heart attacks makes zero sense considering how the tropics are way warmer than the temperate parts of the world so they would notice a much greater difference from that than from a slight change in temperature over the long term. Hell, they'll probably say there's a new variant and it causes blood clots. Normies will believe whatever the TV tells them. I wouldn't care that much except my family members are among them, I just can't convince them not to trust the media and pharmaceutical industry.

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Soldier1 13 days ago

Bateman is most likely a jew too. He says it's a "conspiracy", but I think it's gone way beyond that. It's reality. If people are still too stupid to realize it, God help them.

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Bond0077 12 days ago

'Conspiracy' doesn't mean falsehood. Any criminal act involving 2 or more people is a conspiracy. There are more conspiracies in the world than legal ventures, unfortunately. The term 'conspiracy theorist' is actually a compliment and is evidence of a critical thinker. Anyone who isn't a conspiracy theorist is either stupid or a conspirator.

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